Abandon Ship!

EHRC shuffles the deck(chairs)

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The image is adapted from the painting, ‘The raft of the Medusa’ by Théodore Géricault. It shows survivors of an infamous shipwreck who have now been travelling on a raft in open seas for 13 days. On the sail is a logo which looks remarkably similar to the EHRC logo. One of the survivors is gazing dejectedly into the water, while saying: “‘Personally, I blame the trans…’
Adapted from ‘The raft of the Medusa’ (1819) by Théodore Géricault: public domain

What is going on at the EHRC? There have been resignations aplenty — and rumours abound of more to come.

Once upon a time, this might have been big news story. But in UK 2023, not a peep.

We are so not being told.

Now read on…

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Do you have experience promoting diversity and equality? Human Rights? Are you looking for a job that will make use of your skills?

Look no further! For the EHRC, staunch defender of equal opps in the UK, is looking for a Deputy Chief Executive Officer.


Grand, eh? Well, 95 to 115 grand, actually. That, it appears, is going rate for a super-annuated civil servant eager and willing to take up the reins.

But do hurry, as closing date for applications is 12 pm (sic!) on 18 May. Though, oddly, since at least 12 May the ad claimed they were no longer accepting applications.

Also, as every pedant knows, 12pm is an ambiguous time, used by some to indicate noon, by others, midnight.

Screenshot of EHRC Deputy CEO job ad: captured 12 May 2023 on LinkedIn

Remember, as per the ad, the EHRC’s job is “to help make Britain a fairer and more inclusive place where no one is held back by discrimination or barriers to opportunity. [They] do this by safeguarding and enforcing the laws that protect people’s rights to fairness, dignity and respect.”

Course, they do. Course, they do!

Iceberg ahoy!

So, when the EHRC chair owns, publicly, that their latest proposals would reduce the rights of trans people in the UK, this is entirely consistent with those objectives.

Still, not all is rosy in the garden of the EHRC. They have just been roundly condemned by the UN independent expert on SOGI. The UK has fallen another 3 places in the ILGA rainbow list.

Meanwhile, doing the rounds of the UK equalities community is a persistent rumour that another of the EHRC big beasts has tendered their resignation.



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