Bias at the BBC

Balance is for the birds, “debate” absurd. And the Beeb’s policy is just so many meaningless words.

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Based on “Starry Night” by Vincent Van Gogh (1889): public domain

Balance is King

This is Hegelian Dialectic for the kindergarten: the raising up of rigid, philosophical theory over reality and the messiness of actual people’s lives.

Editorial sabotage

Another simple piece […] has had “balance” inserted in the shape of the LGB Alliance. Which is sorta balance. In the sense that the LGBA provide the answer to the question: “If men are from Mars and women are from Venus, which ice giant planet, rhyming with anus, are LGBA from?”

Inconsistent , incompetent — or just hypocritical?

Make your complaint heard…

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Cat expresses his bewilderment at BBC policy on balance

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Feminist, writer, campaigner on political and sexual liberty who also knows a bit about IT, the law and policing. Not entirely serious…

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