Can’t somebody make it stop?

“Not Again!” declare trans people cheesed off at yet ANOTHER inquiry into their everyday lives

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Norwegian Forest Cat, Mr Paws, unimpressed by Women and Equalities Committee Decision

The shit show cometh…

May I speak with your manager?

The attention-seekers have already cottoned on to the fact that this inquiry is a thing and even now are sharpening their pencils — not to mention teeth and nails — in preparation of what they see as opportunity to eviscerate trans people once more.

Consultation incoming

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Duty by Edmund Blair Leighton (1883): available via public domain

Just don’t get bogged down in existential nonsense

I won’t be spending a single moment on obscure existential debate: and I will be using my response to highlight experience. And it would be nice if other folk did the same.

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Feminist, writer, campaigner on political and sexual liberty who also knows a bit about IT, the law and policing. Not entirely serious…

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