Hold on to your hats!

The anti-trans onslaught begins here…

jane fae
7 min readMay 21, 2023
The image is adapted from Hell by a follower of Hieronyous Bosch. It shows a hellish, dystopian landscap, in which bodies writhe in pain and eternal torment. Captions read: Damned (1): ‘Is this Hell?’ Damned (2): ‘Nah, mate: it’s the Home Counties, innit?’ Damned (3): ‘Personally, I blame the trans!’
Adapted from Hell by a follower of Hieronyous Bosch (c.1480): public domain

After a month or so when the anti-trans have been mercifully quiet, this week will mark a return to ‘business as usual’. There is a string of initiatives in the pipeline deliberately designed to restrict and strip rights from trans people in the UK.

TW: If you would rather not know, look away now.

Otherwise, read on…

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If you know me, you’ll know i am a glass half full kinda gal. I’d rather focus on the positives. That’s part because i am a firm believer that most history happens slowly, and the worst rarely comes to pass. Part because i do not believe that scaring friends and allies into rabbit-in-the-headlights inaction does anyone any favours.

Today, though, i am going to list what is coming up over the next couple of weeks — and months to follow. Because folks need to know; and they also need to know that the anti-trans agenda, while scary, is not infinite.

You are going to be reading a lot of nasty stuff in the media this week and next. My hope: if you know what is coming — and therefore, what is not — you can prepare mentally.

So here goes:




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