Lies, damned lies and neo-vaginas

A frenzy of falsehoods about vaginas and penises? It’s how trans “debate” goes nowadays. Don’t expect it to improve any time soon.

jane fae
6 min readJan 19, 2021
Adapted from The Victory of Truth over Heresy by Peter Paul Rubens (17th century): public domain

Debate is one thing. But when discussion of trans healthcare is regularly sidetracked by out and out falsehoods and misinformation, there can be no meaningful exchange of views. Here I tackle a couple of the worst examples that keep coming back, despite having zero basis in fact.

The abominable vagina!

Did you know that the trans vagina — or, as the medics like to call it, the “neo-vagina” — is in fact an open wound? A bloody unnatural abomination that can only be sustained by daily dilation? No. Me, neither. And you’d sorta think I’d have noticed, what with my having had one for a while now.

All that blood. Sacred blood, if us trans were as superstitious about it as some of the gender critical are about such stuff!

But no: apart from a short interlude immediately post-op, before the stitches disappeared and surgery healed up, there was a certain swelling and bloodiness. Pretty much par for the course for any major operation. Since then? Nothing. Nothing at all.



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