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A legal director writes

A painting depicting the moment in the new testment narrative of the Garden of Gethsemane in which, following the last supper, Jesus receives a kiss from his disciple Judas. This is the sign for Roman soldiers to move in and arrest him. Speech reads: Judas (1): “At the EHRC, we stand up for your right to be the Messiah…” Judas (2): “…and we absolutely support your right to be crucified for your belief!” Jesus: “Jeez, Judas! Could you not have left off the garlic bread at the Last Supper…”
Adapted from The taking of Christ by Caravaggio (1602): public domain

Thoughts from a former legal director of the EHRC. And some miscellany that might be of interest both to present-day campaigners and future historians. Worth the skip to the end if you can’t be arsed with the worthy legal stuff.

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Grey Collier speaks out

In case you didn’t catch it first time round, the following is a grab of a thread, first published on Twitter on 6 April, by former EHRC legal director, Grey Collier. Grey’s thread was, in turn, a response to a letter from the EHRC to Inequalities Minister, Kemi Badenough, supposedly clarifying the definition of “sex” in the Equality Act.

It is published with permission from Grey.

As a former Legal Director @EHRC I have thoughts.. 1/

Screengrab of EHRC Tweet from April 2023

The proposed change in the law is nonsense on stilts. The suggestion is legally illiterate, unworkable and is just another way of using trans people’s actual lives as a pawn in the culture wars 2/

It would overturn some of the purposes of the Gender Recognition Act and make it possible to discriminate against trans people in a whole range of circumstances where it is currently outlawed 3/

It’s pure transphobia- based on misleading unevidenced transphobic assumptions. e.g the notion that a trans man is an appropriate employee where there is an occupational requirement for a woman to do a job is offensive both to the trans man and to the service users 4/

#LGBwiththeT. The idea that LGB associations would particularly benefit from this proposed change is vile. Only one small LGB org wishes to do this & it is entirely unrepresentative of the vast majority of LGBT orgs and people who are united in support of trans rights. 5/



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