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6 min readMar 31, 2023

The 1950’s called and they want your rights back…

Image adapted from “The Ladies’ home journal”: appears to be public domain. Let me know if you think otherwise. Captioned. Mum 1: “You have such a future, darling!”. Mum 2: “In the 60’s you’ll campaign for women’s rights…”. Mum 3: “…and 60 years later a bunch of faux feminists will campaign so your grand-daughter can live just like me!”. Child: “Really cool, Mummy-o!”
Image adapted from “The Ladies’ home journal”: appears to be public domain. Let me know if you think otherwise.

A brief delve into the ideological underpinnings of the anti-trans. Plus, on this Trans Day of Visibility 2023, your reminder of a simple truth memorably catalogued by Pastor Niemoller: if minorities and other oppressed groups do not stand together, they will inevitably fall in isolation.

Also, the endgame: that is, the role of women. Because ever since Women’s Lib first began to make waves, the most ardent supporters of the patriarchy have wanted women back in their box, of happy domesticity,

Now read on…

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It would be easy to regard the current onslaught on trans people as unfortunate, but stand-alone nastiness. A motley bunch of “rad fems” clutching at a bizarre unfeminist ideology made the early running.

Then, late to the party, the real villains. Christo-fascists, with the end of days already inked and triple underlined in their five-year diaries; and a determination to enact a puritan hell on earth by erasing anyone they judge deviant, immoral or just generally ick.

It would also be wrong. Of course, each anti-trans ideology comes with its own peculiar anti-trans grievance. The rad fems (terfs)/ “gender criticals” have convinced themselves that trans folk are patriarchy’s fifth column. Well, it’s that, or sex mad perverts; which is an obsession they share with the christ-botherers.

Meanwhile, the christos are mad at us because of a story in one of the oldest fantasy fics around. Apparently, Lot refused to hand over a couple of angels to a sex-crazed mob. Rather, he did the right and proper thing, insisting the mob rape his daughters instead. Later, he shagged them; his daughters, that is, not the mob.

From this the christies have extracted the lesson that homosexuality is bad. Go figure!

Christian icon, Lot, out for a quickie with his daughters. Aka Lot and His daughters by Samuel Woodforde (c.1785): public domain

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