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No more EHRC: their logo cancelled

Last but by no means least in a week that has been far more exciting than i would have liked, is the first of many consequences for the EHRC as a result of their recent exposure in Vice and elsewhere.

Long story short: A coalition of LGBTQ+ and trans focused charities and human rights bodies, led by Stonewall, have written to the United Nations and GANRHI submitting evidence in support of calls for a Special Review of the ‘A’ status of EHRC as the UK’s national human rights institution.

That is, as they say in the cheap seats, pretty gobsmacking.

But so, too, have recent revelations about the EHRC.

Want a quick explainer for all this alphabet soup? Or Equalities Minestrone?

Read on…

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Background: GANHRI

The Global Alliance of National Human Rights Institutions (GANHRI) is a member-based network organisation that unites NHRIs from all around the world. It is the only non-UN body with an internal accreditation system that grants access to UN committees.

Institutions to whom GANHRI has awarded “A status” are in full compliance with the Paris Principles, and usually granted speaking rights and seating at human rights treaty bodies and other UN organs.

What are the Paris Principles?

These relate to the status and functioning of national institutions for the protection and promotion of human rights, and were formally adopted by the UN General Assembly in its Resolution 48/134 of 1993.

Who are the A-listers?

As you might imagine, being an A-lister, in national terms, is pretty essential if you want to be part of the morally superior bloc at the UN. Maybe the US is big and bad enough to dismiss such accreditation. Not so the UK.

At the end of 2021, GANHRI was made up of 118 members, of which 86 were “A” status NHRIs and 32 “B” status NHRIs.

For the UK to sink to B-rating would be an embarrassment. To lose its rating altogether ought to be unthinkable.



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