If English judges are so troubled by my orgasms…the least they could do is ask me about them!

jane fae
6 min readDec 9, 2020
Adapted from The Romans in their Decadence (Les Romains de la décadence by Thomas Couture (1847): public domain

Central to the recent Tavistock ruling over the use of puberty blockers for trans kids was a panel of cis folks pontificating on the potential impact, further down the transition road, of their impact on fertility and “sexual function”.

Bad enough that these remarks demonstrate a degree of absolute ignorance about trans sexuality: the equivalent of blowing smoke out of their perfectly manicured legal bottoms. The fact, though, that they could hold such a discussion without inviting a single trans person to comment is beyond shameful.

Now read on.

Legal duplicity

Over the last week I have mostly left the recent Tavistock judgment on the prescribing of puberty blockers to trans children to the lawyers. After all, I would trust that such people are far better qualified than I to indulge in such legal nit-picking. Let the experts stick to their knitting.

Which is why I was perplexed by one point in particular. That is not just the obsession of the Honourable Lords and Lady involved in the case with trans orgasms — but their willingness to go ahead and invent a whole load of untruths around discussion of them.



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