The Tribes of Anti-Trans

A taxonomy of terfs and Christians categorised

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Attributing all, or even most, anti-trans nastiness to “terfs” has never been very accurate. But now, with the radical Christian agenda going full “mask-off”, it is less so than ever. In the grand scheme of things, rad fems are about as relevant to the anti-trans onslaught as Lithuania to the outbreak of WWII. And infinitely more irritating.

Now read on.

It’s summer. It’s raining. It is a good time to stand back and take stock (and no: not THAT Stock!). Because one should know one’s enemy. And so, in the spirit of I-spy, a seeming never-ending series that encourages children to go out and identify things arranged according to some arbitrary category, I present my own humble effort.

I-spy Nature? I-spy Dogs? Eat your heart out! Because today, exclusively, I bring you a preview of I-spy Gender Criticals, in which people and conspiracy theorists get classified according to their take on that most arbitrary of arbitrary categories: gender.

Evangelicals and the anti-gender

Benito Mussolini and Oswald Mosley (1936): unknown source, but public domain in country of origin

Far and away the largest of the anti-trans blocs emerges from the Religious Right. Hardly surprising that the same folks who campaign against a woman’s right to choose and against gay marriage have it in for trans people. Or that behind their “legitimate concerns” sits an agenda that will not rest until trans people are legislated out of existence; banned in our entirety for being “unnatural” and “corrupting youth”.

There are many sub-tribes to this, the largest of the anti-trans tribes. In Spain, organisations such as CitizenGo, fundamentalist catholic in outlook, associate freely with other groups, such as HazteOir and, through them, the even nastier El Yunque. The latter, supporting anti-LGBT campaigns from behind the scene, has its origins in extreme right-wing Catholic paramilitary activity that emerged in Mexico in 1952.

CitizenGo is increasingly active in the UK.

In Poland, the torch for this ideological strand is carried by Ordo Juris, which…



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