The UK trans community is under attack — and the mainstream media has blood on its hands

Apparently it is all about free speech: tell that to the trans woman who ends her evening out battered and bloodied

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Based on an original image: Le Meurtre by Paul Cézanne (c.1870): public domain

TW/CW: Extreme violence against trans people. Transmisogyny.

Hate by numbers

Hate in denial

…there are people out there whose entire raison d’être appears to involve minimising any hurt suffered by the trans community. Any reason to question the figures is leapt upon gleefully.

Hate is real

Trans woman Anna Montgomery assaulted while out for drinks with her boyfriend

Hate has consequences

…I am very sensitive to the pace and frequency of this stuff. I know it is on the rise. And I know too that hate crime has an impact that must be measured in far more than broken bones.

The press has much to answer for

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Social media post that caused significant fear within the Manchester trans community

just as anti-gay campaigners did back in the 80s and 90s, the narrative being actively peddled by a range of writers is clear: “we’re not saying that trans folks ARE perverts and abusers. We just have ‘concerns’.

“Surely, no one can object to us having concerns?”

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Feminist, writer, campaigner on political and sexual liberty who also knows a bit about IT, the law and policing. Not entirely serious…

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