Transition Denied — Part II

How your story can help

jane fae
4 min readJan 1, 2024
An illustration of the cover of a book — Transition Denied — published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers

New Year, new project. As hinted, it is going to be a book about trans people and their experiences, with a focus on transition success and, its opposite, transition blocked. And i cannot do it without your help

Now read on…

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Back story

A few years back i wrote Transition Denied. This was the sad story of young trans woman, Synestra, desperate to transition, let down by multiple official institutions, who died — tragically, just a week before being accepted as a patient by Charing Cross.

Over the years that preceded her sad demise, she learned to distrust officialdom as police, the courts and the Health Service let her down again and again. In 2013 she was attacked, raped, and robbed. The police were unhelpful; and though her attacker was eventually prosecuted, they were found not guilty of the rape, because, there was insufficient proof that sex that took place on a freezing New Year’s eve, in a street a few hundred yards from her home “was not consensual”.

Of course not. Because, obvs, that is how us trans people get our jollies!

This was compounded by zero support from the NHS, at the hands of a GP who was either incompetent, or actively blocked her…



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