Who did Truss meet — and when did she meet them?

Why continuing evasion by the Equalities Minister matters

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The fool, believed to be from Bil Nye’s History of England (1900): public domain

Not meeting

while it is true to say that the GEO has consulted widely, and some previous Ministers have met widely within the trans community, that is neither more nor less relevant to the question of whether the present incumbent has done so

Not consulting

…logically, rationally, once the Minister knew the route they were not taking, a bit more consulting would have been in order. Planning to improve the process? Why not back to the trans community for ideas?

Not very popular

…the Minister has […] evaded. Time and time again she has been asked directly who she has met. Time and time again her office has responded with obfuscation.

Lying with circumstance

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Feminist, writer, campaigner on political and sexual liberty who also knows a bit about IT, the law and policing. Not entirely serious…

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